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Photographic Vision

I've had the privilege of creating stories and memories for others for over 22 years. My body of creation has evolved over time and really embraces the rich tapestry which is really about the magic I feel about Earth's Bounty and Family. I see all the celebrations and processes through the seasons as beautiful coming togethers and an opportunity to create stories. I enjoy collaborating with others in their visions and have had the opportunity to create many stories for brides, families, artists, various publications and chef/owners; Jeff Smedstad of Elote Cafe,

Lisa Dahl, Dahl & DiLuca and Cucina Rustica, and the Rea Family for the Queen Creek Olive Mill.

This love of Farm to Fork and Vines to Wine continues to grow. I love the whole circle, which begin with a seed - a thought - a vision - just like new life - an idea is planted in our heart and then our mind moves it into action. To plant the first seed the land must be cultivated and made ready so it is fertile and will enable the seed to grow. So to me, this whole process is like life, it's a metaphor for living life well.

Whether it's about meandering through a farm field or taking in the beauty of the vineyard, tasting the essence of earth, to preparing meals made from the local fare or enjoying a wonderful experience at a restaurant which embraces the local fare, it's about the passion of all of these elements coming together, which really makes my heart sing.

I love being able to listen to what's important to others, what they are passionate about and then co-creating a story, a book a slide show that reflects what others want to share with others and the world.

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