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Tuscany Journey Into the Senses

Wow! It's quite amazing to me that it's been a month since we embarked on our Abundance in Tuscany Journey.

I really felt I was transported into a land of wonder, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! I learned so much about myself and others; discovered beauty and wonder in my experiences with people in Italy, who were so very warm and genuine; made my heart sing; to the land and tapestry of Italy. Even though my husband, Jim and my Toto (Amadei) were at home, I had their amazing love and support. There were challenges (or opportunities to grow and navigate through); yet what I reflect on the most is the kinship of fellow travelers, together with those who made our experiences so over the top amazing, and I come away with a heart filled with joy along a path that was indeed along a glorious yellow earthed road.

As I was experiencing this journey, I remember seeing all the beauty of the land; the changing of the colors of the vines from vibrant green, through yellow, then gold and then in some cases turning to the vivid autumn red! I reflect on the way the sun and clouds danced across the landscape, so that every turn we made, created a different vision in my heart and mind. As well, I loved the people we were able to meet; each one more special than the previous one. And, I also remember our wonderful cooking experience with Stefania; and our wine experiences, which were so authentic, warm and inviting. And, of course, I remember the day we went to Volpaia and just as we were entering the village, this wonderful greeter comes out; almost like out of a storybook. As well, I enjoyed San Gimignano; the tower where you could look out over forever; the meandering through the beautiful cathedral in Siena, and the ruins and streets in Volterra.

And, to top off our amazing experience was the Chianti Sculpture Park.

I hope as you reflect on fond memories of your travels and experiences, you will tap into that which touches your heart. For me, it's definitely about the beauty of the place, as well as the people that create such an amazing tapestry of experience. It's about engaging all of my senses; sight, feeling, aromas, and sounds to create the whole glorious and joyful synchronicity.

I invite you to enjoy the highlights of our Tuscan Journey in the slide show below.

All my best wishes to you,


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