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Created by Janise with the
Vision of Many
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Books Photographed by Janise
Elixir of Life
Queen Creek Olive Mill

Sedona Pottery - Gifts of the Earth -

A journey into Metaphor of full circles

Enjoy the journey into Farm to Fork - the Circle of Life.

Take a peak at:

I so enjoyed creating with Mary Margaret Sather, who  is Sedona Pottery, for I experienced the magical circles which intertwine together.  Mary Margaret's gifting is to share her beautiful pottery - created from the clay of the Earth.  Somewhat recently, she and her husband, John purchased an exquisite piece of property which was on farm land.  Mary Margaret, with the help of others cultivated beautiful jewels of the Earth, which she shares at the farmers market, with friends and family.  The culinary delights created are then served in  her exquisite pottery of the Earth and flow into celebrations of Earth's family.  The circles continue to multiply and blossom.

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