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The Metaphor of Farm to Table - Full Circle

As adults we have cultivated manifestations numerous times in our lives and so this vision of planting a seed and bringing it into beautiful maturation is something we are somewhat familiar with even though the venue and terrain  may be different.

We use our gifts we've been given and our experiences to help us understand the best way to take an idea and grow it along the way.

Cultivation is another process - it takes time and patience - it takes love not only for ourselves, our family and our community to help us with this process - it takes a village and more.  It takes faith,  belief and trust that what we have planted will grow and will come into beautiful ripening.

We're not left in the dark.  Because once the seed is planted, we see results almost immediately with the sprout of green - that beautiful spring green and then the plant continues to grow and we see this unfold as it matures into this beautiful jewel of the Earth.

Through this process we also care for our families, engage in our daily activites; yet  our goals are clear and we nuture  this garden daily.  When at last it is ripe, we are able to pick these beauties and share them with our family and friends and the chefs also are able to take their inspired vision and create wonderful culinary delights, which we get to enjoy in further celebration.

The chefs have their particular gifts and experiences they bring to this lavish table.  They have a vision that is unique to them and their love grows just lke the farmers fruits and vegetables grow to their full ripening.  They weave the tapestries of the essence of the Earth with spices and magical ingredients to prepare their magical and wondrous delights for those who enter their doors to dine with them.

I feel the food which we take into our bodies nourish our whole being and when all the visions and seeds have been planted and honored so well along the growing process,  these foods come into our hearts, souls, bodies and mind and they become this clear impetus for us to move forward with our own visions and dreams.


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