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I Create the unfolding story through Fine Art Photography


I capture stories of all celebrations of love and life as well as create stories which weave the magic of Earth's  family and bounty, with the light that is the Divine.  I love and enjoy being in nature and as I am present with all my senses, when I participate with nature, I feel the enchanted space with which I create.  You could say that my photographic artistry is like a living mandala, for it embraces a rich tapestry of love, joy, beauty and wonder through the people I portray, the exquisite landscape which shares its essence with me and the plants and animals with which I share my Earth home.  It is this glorious life force which surges through all creation, that I have the opportunity to create within.

I have had the privilege of being a full time fine art photographer for 22 years and I love my art more now than when I began and - not sure how that happened, but it has and that totally excites me!

Now, I lead photographic sojourns throughout the world, to share my love of diverse landscapes and people.

My photography has been pretty diverse, including portraits of celebrities, corporate events, weddings and people with interesting stories to share, special features for People Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, The Plateau Journal of Northern Arizona, and  contributing photographer for Sedona Magazine.  Showcase photographer for the Los Angeles Arts Festival, Arizona Points of Pride and Sedona Film Festival.

Some aspects are still near and dear to me, yet my love and feeling about Earth's  family has really catapulted me to a new area, that of sustainability, not as a cliche, but as a fully engaged way of  living.  I love the farmers and the winegrowers, as well as people and the Chefs who take these wonderful Earth jewels to create their culinary art, which they share with their people.


Cookbook/Lifestyle Book Commissions:

Elote Cookbook ‚ Sedona, AZ

Elixir of Life ‚ Sedona, AZ

Queen Creek Olive Mill Cookbook ‚ Queen Creek, Arizona


Professional Organizations:

The Sedona Visual Artists Coalition

Sedona-Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce




My photographic artistry is my gift to you. I really enjoy providing beautiful imagery and I also listen to your excitement and ideas about your special event, your portraits and the stories you want to create. For a photograph is like a tapestry which calls forth the memories of the one special moment in time when it was created.


My extensive body of work over the last 22 years has emphasized people and our environment. Yet, each assignment is viewed as a new and unique experience, because each person, family or organization has a special personality, which needs to shine. I share my wonderful attitude when I work and create with you and I pride myself on providing exceptional quality images and customer service. I will do my best to work within your deadlines.


I received my training at U.C.L.A., and from numerous masters in the art and photographic field. My quest for knowledge and excellence has been a continuing process. My extensive body of work over the last 22 years has emphasized environmental and story telling portraits of celebrities; people with interesting stories to tell; capturing special memories of each bride and groom on their wedding day; special events, fine art; architecture; photo essays and feature stories for major local and national publications.


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